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Company History

Gaslight Commercial Real Estate was founded in 1971 and will observe 50 years in business this year.


Originally the 3 major areas of activity were the sale and lease of commercial real estate, the sale of businesses, and the sale of repossessed homes.


Gaslight Commercial Real Estate attributes being in business continuously for 50 years to the reputation of aggressively fulfilling client needs and producing strong results. Today, in partnership with Rebilt Homes LLC, the company’s focus is on representing buyers and sellers of residential property; although the listing of commercial property is also offered. Rebilt Homes LLC rebuilds homes for investors and homeowners to pass FHA and conventional approval and financing. 

Gaslight Commercial Real Estate: About the Owner


Bob Badgley was born and raised in Kansas City. During his Navy service in the early 1950’s, he was given top secret clearance and received a letter of recommendation from the Director of the Agency at the conclusion of his active duty. After earning his degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas, Bob became one of the youngest managers at Proctor and Gamble in Kansas City. Before becoming a senior agent at Gaslight Commercial Real Estate, Bob also worked in marketing for the Estee Candy Company and National Liberty Marketing.


When Bob came to Gaslight in 1981, the company primarily engaged in business brokerage and the sale of commercial real estate as well as the sale of repossessed residential property. He acquired the company in 1997 and is the current broker of the business.


A significant portion of business brokerage involves valuing businesses to submit recommended prices for business sellers in the marketing of their business. The goal is to maximize the amount a seller can realize from the sale of his/her business and also price it realistically in relation to the market. Bob has valued hundreds of businesses to recommend sale prices in the general market, to value a business in relation to divorce settlement, to value a business for its sale to a seller’s family member, employee, or other buyer.


Today Bob works with the agents of Gaslight Commercial Real Estate who primarily represent buyers of residential property.


Bob is proud to have served in the past as president of the Kansas City Business Brokers Association and the Commercial Brokers Association.

Outside of his successful career in business; Bob finds his greatest joy and accomplishment in his 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. He is an ordained elder and deacon in the Presbyterian Church and a Bronze Life Master in Tournament Bridge.