Refer a Friend or Family Member

As a thank you for your support and recommendations, we want to give you $100 for every customer that purchases a home with Gaslight Commercial Real Estate. 


From now until March 31 you can get $100 by simply sending your friends and family to our website. When they contact us to make an appointment, make sure they mention that you referred them so we can register you to get paid!


We love our customers and we know that it can be life changing to have your own home. Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate you!

official Rules:


1. the person who is “referred” must not already be a current client


2. limit to 10 referrals paid per person. you can refer as many as you wish, payout is up to 10 per person


3. each client can only have one “referrer”. meaning two people cannot refer the same person


4. payout is received within 14 days of the house closing. a check will be mailed to your home address 


5. there is no form to complete, simply tell your friend or family member to give us your information when they come to the office for their consultation. we will notate their file and contact you to confirm and thank you for the recommendation


6. the January to March time frame applies to the time referrals can be made. as long as the person referred has a consultation by March 31, there is no deadline for when they close on a home. for example, if you tell a friend about us in February and they come for a consultation March 20th but don’t purchase a home until June, you will still receive $100 after closing


7. for any questions contact us at 913 432 4945 or by email at